Trail Conditions

For a recently updated list of trail conditions, visit The Gorge is my Gym‘s trail conditions page.

Post Canyon – Latest Trail Conditions (latest map version: March 16, 2013)

Salvage logging is mostly complete, but you may run into cleanup operations.  After a year PCMap100_0.4-smallof hard work, most routes are now open (weather permitting).  Middle GP was just reconstructed and is the most recent trail opening.  Spaghetti Factory and Charlie’s are open, but Mobius is closed.  Lower GP is now also open.  Thanks Jason!

To view the map, click the icon to the right.  You will be asked to add your name to our mailing list, then you’ll be redirected to a page with the up-to-date map suitable for download and framing.

Basic rules for mud season:  If it’s been below freezing overnight at trail elevation, trail mud will be terrible.  If it’s been raining it takes a few days without rain for trails to firm up, so respect the trail workers and stay off.  Wind helps dry out trails, so if you see kites on the river you may find some dry trails.

Hospital Hill/Spring Street – Latest Trail Conditions (Spring 2013)

Much of the backside of Hospital hill (SDS land) is CLOSED now because of salvage logging due to last year’s ice storm.   Kreps land is used for cattle grazing in the spring.  Please, no dogs while cattle are grazing on Kreps land. This is very important to them. Your puppy can return to Hospital Hill sometime after July 1st.  Keep the Spring Street coral clear during cattle season.  Think about trying to back a truckload of angry beasts into the coral with your minivan in the way.

HH riding will be in flux until the logging is complete.  Stay tuned for more info.

Whoopdee – Latest Trail Conditions (Spring 2013)

Rideable, weather permitting.  Entire loop is open.  Remember if it’s been below freezing overnight the trail will be a mess.  Windy conditions are especially helpful drying out this trail.

The new climb up/out is complete!  You can still huff and puff your way up the logging road if you like that sort of thing, but Steve’s new route is much more fun and much more scenic.

Syncline – Latest Trail Conditions (Spring 2013)

Lots of work being done over here this spring, with lots of reroutes.  This area drains fast so it is very popular for winter riding– but it is a mess if it has had frost heaves the night before.  Wildflower season is incredibly popular, so keep on the lookout for hikers.  New dog rules are posted– depends on the area and the season, so check the signs before riding with your dog.

The WTA work party dates (tentative) are posted on our Events Calendar.

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    how does one update trail conditions?

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