Past Work Parties

April 27th, White Salmon Bike Park Pump Track

In an incredible one-day effort, following the final go-ahead from the City of White Salmon, the Spokes Club rallied 25 people for a total of 67 hours to finish the WSBP pump track. Good work, team!

April 20th, 8-Track and Post Canyon work party

Our first big work party of 2013 was a resounding success. 53 people put in 238 hours to get 8-Track mostly open. A followup work party on Sunday the 21st got the trail open. With a little more hand work over the next week, it’ll be perfect! No more climbing the old logging road to get to the trail!

April 14th, 2013: Whoopdee Work Party

Many hands make quick work

Many hands make quick work

The Whoopdee Trail is quickly becoming the hot new thing in the Gorge, thanks to the tireless efforts of Steve Dunn and his many helpers. This work party aimed to complete a section of climbing trail, removing 2/3 of the old doubletrack grind. Mission accomplished. 15 people. 4 hours each. 60 hours total.

April 13th, 2013: Seven Streams Tree Planting

Together with Hood River County forester Doug Thiesies, the HRATS planted just over 700 trees along the Seven Streams trail corridor. This trail corridor is scheduled for replanting in spring of 2014, but the HRATS have given the trees along the trail a full year of extra grow time, meaning they’ll be a full year taller a full year sooner. Don’t forget to water them as you ride by. 15 people worked for 3 hours, for a total of 45 volunteer hours.

November 10th, 2012: Mega Post Canyon Work Party

This has to be tkids2he biggest Post Canyon work party ever. 95 people including mountain bikers, equestrians, hikers and runners showed up and put in 412 hours on non-motorized trails. An additional group put in about 15 hours on motorized trails. Work was completed on Twin Peaks, Upper 8-Track, Family Man, and Middle School. 8-Track was completely reopened, after 6 months of being closed due to the January 2012 ice storm.

Gary’s Trail

photo 4Our freeriders have been clamoring for more jumps, and local Gary Paasch and friends are on it. Two weekends of excavator and hand work and 100 man-hours later, the basic layout of jump line number one is in the ground.

Girls Who Love Dirt, 11/4/12

The girls-only corner of the HRATS headed out for work on Twin Peaks. 10 girls. 25 hours of work. Almost all of Twin Peaks was reopened. Dirt Girls Twin PeaksIf you’re interested in participating in all-female work parties, shoot us an email at

White Salmon Bike Park

Spokes Club

In an absolutely amazing show of fundraising prowess, the 509 team quickly raised $30,000  to build a bike park for the town of White Salmon. Work parties on 9/30, 10/7, 10/14 and other days brought in 583  volunteer hours.

April 17th, Girls Who Love Dirt @ Seven Streams

beforeafter12 girls, tea and muffins, and 1.5 miles of trail cleared. The gals put in about 50 hours total. Add that to the work of the men with chainsaws, and well over 100 hours went into clearing Seven Streams after the ice storm.

April 18th, Whoopdee Work Party

whoopsThis was the first of our mega work parties. 65 people showed up and put in a total of 200 hours on the Whoopdee trail. A new, difficult-to-build, sidehill section of trail was built, allowing Whoopdee Master Steve Dunn the ability to push through and finish the trail with his machine.

Family Man New Features

skinnyMatt Klee took over Family Man from previous steward Jim Mudry, and has been pouring in the hours. Between Matt and his helpers, over 500 hours have gone into Family Man already, with plenty more new features to come!

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