Post Canyon Map Updated– yet again…

I’ve updated the Post Canyon Trail Map as of February 24, 2013.  It’s been a long, difficult year but most trails are now open.  Seven Streams, Spaghetti Factory, and Charlie’s Trail are open, 8-Track has a great reroute up top and is open.  GP and Mobius are still closed.  Logging is mostly complete, but you may run into cleanup operations in the woods– steer clear if you see them.

To download the large version of the map you must join our mailing list, please click on the map below to subscribe and download. We will also email you when there are updates to the map.  If you are already on the list, you should have received an email with the magic direct link to the map, so you just wasted your time reading this post.

If you are moved to thank me for my efforts making this map, you can make a donation to HRATS, click here.

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Whoopdee Trail Work Party – rerouting the climb out… (no, it’s not done yet)

This dry weather we’ve been having is driving the ski bums crazy, but the dirt-worshiping mountain bikers are going crazy with dirt lust. So are the trail builders. Whoopdee steward Steve Dunn grabbed 12 of our trail fairies for a sunny Saturday work party.

Tired of climbing that old road out of Whoopdee? Well, soon, that old road will be history! Steve’s latest project, funded by the kind donations of local riders, is to reroute the road climb into a super-rad climbing trail.

Here’s the work party report from our favorite trail fairy, Mayor Arthur Babitz: “We had a fine February day for a work party building the new climb out for the Whoopdee Trail. We were able accomplish our mission of de-berming and cleaning up all the machine tread Steve cut earlier this week, and even had time to scratch in a new section which loops out to a beautiful lookout point around a huge pine tree. While today’s segment doesn’t yet connect to anything, it is now mostly rideable down to the pine tree if you want to check it out. I wouldn’t be surprised if this segment becomes a popular hiking route in wildflower season, as it is thick with balsam root and ends at a fine lunch spot.

When completed this new climbing trail will substitute for the climb on the logging road. It will be a much more fun climb due to milder grade and more attractive routing. The logging road is also poorly drained so after a few heavy snow seasons it will likely revert to the badly rutted route we all hated from a few years back.”

We logged 40 hours of work today with the following participants:

Matt Klee
Andy Olsen
J.J. Olsen
Christy Richards
Jon Richards
Forrest Rae
Madeline Rae
Stephen Ford
Marc Igolen
Jay Sherrerd
Arthur Babitz
Steve Dunn
Jay’s dog

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SDS Land / Hospital Hill Closure

***HOSPITAL HILL CLOSURE***** Due to an active Timber Harvest, All SDS Lands in the Jewett Creek and Hospital Hill area are closed as of 1/29/2013. There will be tree felling and cable yarding operation hardware that may occur far outside the actual timber harvest boundary. Anyone trespassing in this area is exposing themselves to possible injury or death, and will be cited for Trespassing if caught. If you see users violating this Closure, please call Jeremy Grose at 509 493 2155. The area is expected to re-open approximately June 1, 2013 depending on weather and how smoothly operations go. Click on the Recreation and ‘Mtn Biking and Hiking’ tabs on this page for a map.

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Upcoming Work Parties – We need you!!!

As you might have heard, we have a lot of work parties coming up. Some of these are on bike trails, but Hood River County is starting a weekly Saturday work party on motorized trails, and it’s important we get a good showing for these moto trail work days. The first is November 3rd, at 8:30am, meeting at the Binn’s Hill staging area. Why, you ask, should you work on moto trails?

If you’ve ridden 140, 160, Borderline, 130, Dirt Surfer, or Kitchen Sink (along with other trails) you’ve ridden a motorized trail, which was likely built by the County with grant money funded in part by OHV tags and gas tax. In order to spend grant money, HRC needs to show in-kind labor for about 25% of the value of the grant. Your labor counts for $18ish/hour. Hood River County is lacking in grant hours for this year. If we, HRATS, don’t get up there and do some labor, the County won’t reach that in-kind requirement, and will have to cut back on spending on moto trails. They might be motorized trails, but you ride them on your bike, so make plans to help. Every Saturday. And if you have time during the week, you may be able to volunteer then. And… if you’re a dirt biker or ATV rider and you’d like to be part of HRATS, we’d love to have you! Just shoot us an email at

Now, on to mountain bike trails:

November 10th is the first big fall work party in Post Canyon. Salvage logging is done (but not large-sale logging on Seven Streams), so we want to fix the trails that were damaged by skidding. Included in this work party are 8-Track, Upper 8-Track, The Boot, Middle School, and possibly Mitchell Ridge, GP and 140. We’ll be meeting at Dirty Fingers around 8:30 for a carpool up to the Family Man area.

On November 11th, WTA hosts a work party on Syncline to decomission the old Maui Falls trail – the new one is pretty much awesome – along with finishing the gravel on the reroute up top near the Burns Property. Also on the docket for the 11th is work on Jeff’s Trail. This will be an all-day work party with a half-day option. There will be additional Syncline parties on November 18th, and December 1st, 9th, and 15th.

Stay tuned for a possible mid-November work party on the 44 Road (snow dependent, of course), hosted by your local ranger, Jimmy T.

That’s it. Thanks for your help!

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Seven Streams – Red lines on trees?

We received an email on the morning of 8/12 from a concerned mountain biker who sent us the photo below:

This person asked us, “I thought the trees with red lines were supposed to be left standing.” We thought the same thing, so contacted the Hood River County Forest Manager for an answer. Here it is:

Standing Trees: I left more trees in the RMA on purpose, knowing a few of them would need to be cut for yarding corridors. So there will be some red band trees cut. But the net result should be about 3 times as much volume retained than required. In addition, the RMA averages about 60’ rather than the 50′ required by law. More in some areas, less in others.

Down Trees: There were a few down trees that were marked with red bands originally that were across the creek. That part of the prescription changed since Fish & Wildlife wanted every tree across the creek left. When feasible, trees across the stream will be bucked outside the channel to leave a segment spanning the channel. Some trees spanning the channel will be left because they are too dangerous to buck where they lie.

So there will be trees with red bands cut, although most of them will be retained.

Hopefully that answers the question about the trees with red bands. We were confused too!

In addition, we’d like to ask that everyone refrain from entering the area in between the closure signs on Seven Streams. We understand that people want to check on the progress, but for your safety and the loggers’ ability to work, we ask that you avoid the logging area. Thank you!

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Post Canyon Map Updated– again…

I’ve updated the Post Canyon Trail Map as of August 5, 2012 to indicate additional closures:  lower 140, parts of Spaghetti Factory.  Logging traffic will be heavy on Post Canyon Road so you’ll be wanting to stay away.

To download the large version of the map you must join our mailing list, please click on the map below to subscribe and download. We will also email you when there are updates to the map.  If you are already on the list, you should have received an email with the magic direct link to the map, so you just wasted your time reading this post.

If you are moved to thank me for my efforts making this map, you can make a donation to HRATS, click here.

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Upcoming HRATS events – August 6th & 18th

Hi all. We have a couple of upcoming events where we need your presence and participation. Please help us spread the word!

August 6th: Barrett Park appeal meeting

Coming up August 6th, it’s the next step in the Barrett Park process. Barrett Park has an approved Conditional Use Permit, but this permit was appealed by Fritz Von Lubken.  The County Board of Commissioners will hear from both sides’ attorneys and there isn’t opportunity for public comment; however it is important that the room is filled to show support for the proposed park and the public process. The meeting is at 6pm, August 6th, at 601 State. Your presence, preferably wearing some sort of cycling T, would be great!

August 18th: White Salmon Bike Park Fundraiser

The Mt. Adams Park and Recreation District (MAPARD) is hosting Kids in Motion, a run, bike and skate fest to raise funds to support Spokes’ Park, a family bike skills park being developed in White Salmon. The event will take place Saturday, August 18 from 3:30 to 6:00 at Daubenspeck Park in Bingen (off of Hwy 14) and will include a range of  fun and healthy activities for kids 2 and older.

Events include a bike skills course hosted by the Northwest Trail Alliance and Hood River Area Trail Stewards, a fun run for kids and a skate board slalom contest for kids 7 and older. Kids should bring their own bike, skate board, safety equipment (helmets, gloves, kneepads) and water. MAPARD will have some loaner bikes and safety equipment on hand for kids who don’t have the necessary safety gear. Kids In Motion is open to all families and kids and there will be Spanish speaking volunteers at the events. All parents must sign a waiver to have their kids participate in the event. There is no registration for the events other than showing up and participating. The schedule for the day follows:   

Bike course 
open to all 3:30-5:30PM (5 + year olds)

Fun Run  3:30-5:30
3:30 PM: 2 & 3 year olds
3:50 PM: 4 & 5 year olds
4:10 PM: 6 & 7 year olds
4:30 PM: 8 & 9 year olds
4:50 PM: 10 & 11 year olds
5:15 PM: 12 & 13 year olds

Skateboard Slalom 5-6 PM (7 + year olds)
5 PM: 7 and Under
5:15 PM: 9 year olds
5:30 PM: 10-11 year olds
5:45 PM: 12-13 year olds
6:00 PM: 14-15 yer olds

During the event MAPARD will be hosting a raffle to give away two new kids bikes and biking accessories, as well as an auction for a $500 pizza party from Solstice. The event is coordinated with the Chamber of Commerce Summer Concerts featuring Bob Connolly’s Rhythm Roosters and dinner by Beneventi’s.

There is a suggested $5 donation per child/ $10 per family to participate in the event, though no one will be turned away. All donations directly benefit the bike skills park.

If you have questions or would like to volunteer or donate, please contact Amanda Lawrence at

Event partners include Mt Adams Park and Recreation District, The National Park Service, White Salmon-Bingen Business Partners, Mt. Adams Chamber of Commerce, City of Bingen, Hood River Area Trail Stewards, KE Designs Cabinetry, Dirty Fingers Bike Shop, Scott USA, Solstice Pizza, Mountain View Bike Shop, Dakine, Skyline hospital, Beneventi’s Pizza, Feast  and Blissfull Brownies. 
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