Kleeway/ Fundraising

You love your trails. We know you do. But did you know that bike trails in Hood River County are funded, built and maintained entirely by volunteer labor and donated money? That’s where you come in. HRATS turns your dollars into trail miles.  Last year you donated and we built GP.  This year you donated, and we’re building Kleeway.  (Kleeway is a new descending-only trail that will route downhill traffic off Seven Streams, GP, Spaghetti Factory, and Toilet Bowl, creating a safer, saner, way-more-fun riding experience.)

Help us get started on next year’s trail projects. Your dollars help us buy tools and materials for our volunteer trail builders so they can build trails like Bad Motor Scooter, Family Man, and the Whoopdee.  Your dollars let us hire professional trail builders for “special projects” like GP and Kleeway.

Donate $50 or more, and we’ll send you a pair of “Live Like Matt – Kleeway” socks.  Wear them with pride, knowing you helped make our trail system one of the best in the country.

Note:  We’ve suspended our “donate a board for Family Man” program so we can catch up on routing the boards.  If you’ve already donated, rest assured our trail elves are working through the winter to catch up with the boards.  If you haven’t yet donated, we’ll start up again once we’re caught up.  In the meantime, did we mention how great the socks look?


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