Our Wish List

Whether you’re a local trail user or local business, we’d love to have you involved! We’ll never turn down your tax deductible donation, but we know not everyone has an overflowing wallet. Some of you have time, some of you have materials. Some of you have expertise.

Here’s what we need:

Pressure-treated wood: We’re now the official trail stewards for Family Man, and it’s time to do some repairs and rebuilding. Got PT wood? We’ll take it!

Grant writing and researching help: Remember what we said about always taking money? We don’t expect it to come to us. We want to chase it. You have the skills. Write a few grants for us. Teach us how to do it.

Tools: McLeods, Polaskis, shovels, grub hoes, rakes. We’ll take ’em!

Swag: We’ve got work parties and events. We need prizes!

Food and drink: ^^^We need to feed these people!

Volunteers and committee members: We need your expertise and your enthusiasm. Join our Events, Fundraising, Work Party or Membership committee. Your ideas and organizing skills will make us a better, stronger trail advocacy group.

Please contact the “Events and Outreach Committee” to make your tax-deductible donation: events-outreach@hrats.org

HRATS is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

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