Active Projects

Post Canyon Resurrection: It has been a long summer and we have attacked Post Canyon with vigor this Fall.  We have been working with the various trail stewards to help get the trails back up and running.

  • The “8 Tracks” are all clear and ready to ride.  As is “The Boot” and “Twin Peaks”.  Jim Mudry and Dave Bisset are the trail stewards for these.
  • Family Man:  Matt Klee (HRATS) has taken over stewardship for Family Man and has spent lots of hours rebuilding rotten features and adding new ones.  He is looking to add several new wooden features this Fall/Winter/Spring. In addition to the wood, the roller/pumpers have seen a facelift and are a little bigger.  Matt is looking to add a kid-only path that will be fun for the little guys/girls.
  • Middle School/Pump Track: Sam Pinner & Mike Estes (HRATS) are the stewards for these two trails.  Middle School received a huge facelift in November and we are looking to continue to build/tweak throughout the Fall/Winter/Spring.
  • GP/Lower GP: Jason Wells (HRATS) is looking to start resurrecting GP this Fall/Winter.  Jason built Sandy Ridge, so we can expect the new GP to be fantastic.  He is waiting for salvage logging to wrap-up before Lower GP can be worked on.
  • Extended Play: Gary Pasch has received approval for two new jump lines adjascent to Extended Play.  His vision is for the lines is for more consistent jumps that allow for progression into bigger stuff like left-line FMX.
  • Drop Out: Chris Ellsmore is planning to start working on Drop Out this winter.  With some financial backing from HRATS he is acquiring supplies.  Sounds like it will get a facelift that everyone will enjoy.

Syncline (Coyote Wall/Catherine Creek):  CAMBA and Washington Trails Association (WTA) are planning several work parties through 2012 (check our event calendar).  Washington Trails Association (WTA) applied for and received a NFF grant worth $15,000 to fund trail work in the Syncline area.  The WTA and FS have collected community input and identified the top 6 priority trails that will get attention.  In order, they are: 1) Maui reconstruction and re-route, 2) Burn’s Parcel (brown house at the top of double-track climb), 3) Watrus (double-track reroute near brown house) trail burn-in, 4) Catherine Creek (hiker only) reroute, 5) “Jeff’s Trail” reroute (eastern entry into Hidden Canyon), 6) Hidden Canyon reroute

Whoopdee Trail: Steve Dunn (HRATS) has been working for the past several years on getting Whoopdee back to its former glory.  This summer he cut-in new sections at the clear-cut towards the beginning of the trail.  Additionally, he created a new section at the bottom of the descent and has extended the trail by several miles.  Steve is looking to complete the single track loop this year.  That will be a great single track loop.

Barrett Park Bike Park: This one is a heart-breaker.  Earlier in the year, the Hood River County Commissioners approved the land-use waiver to allow a park to be build on land zoned for farming. Hood River Parks and Rec proposed to turn the 40ish acres into a community park.  HRATS collaborated with Parks and Rec to create a bike park on the property.  In the summer time frame, the park approval was appealed and the Commissioners had the opportunity to re-vote.  Unfortunately, they voted not to approve the park.  So this project is on-hold indefinitely.

White Salmon Bike Park: A group of motivated dads in White Salmon have received approval from the City of White Salmon to build a bike park on city land adjacent to the Gun Club in White Salmon.   The dads have joined HRATS and function as a standalone committee that is focused on the park development and maintenance.  The property is 19 acres and there are plans for a perimeter trail, intermediate pump and jump trail, along with a pump track, skills features and dirt jumps.  They have secured a professional park/trail builders design and build the park, but will look for volunteers to help build and maintain the park.  They broke ground on the project in late summer 2012.  For more information, please click here.

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