3/30/15 Whoopdee Trail update – please read and spread the word

If you have ridden the whoopdee lately you have seen the logging going on at the top of Old Dalles road on the original start of the whoopdee. SDS hopes to have that portion finished by the end of April.

You have also seen the flagging on the North side (new climb out) and also the south side (the original down hill) of the current whoopdee loop.

The south side harvest is not defined yet, and most likely will be logged next year.

As for the North side- SDS is building roads through middle of next week in the riding area for this operation.. They will then come back and harvest towards the end of April.

So the opened/closed Whoopdee schedule looks like this right now.
4/1- 4/3? – Closed for riding due to road building
4/4 through April (or when logging begins) Open for riding
Approx May 1st- June? Closed for riding due to logging. We are currently working with SDS for riding options during this period.

SDS is very complimentary of the mountain bikers in this area. They know we cooperate with their requests and that is why they let us use some of their land for trails like these.

Let’s continue to obey their signs and requests. Thanks for your help!

We will keep you updated as dates get more defined.

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