Puke Hill and Whopdee Update from SDS Lumber

Hello everyone. We have an update from our generous friends at SDS Lumber. Why do we call them generous? Because they let us build on their land, they let us ride on their land, and they are incredibly supportive of our recreational desires. While we’re sad to see logging on two of our favorite local trails, we fully support SDS’s continuing business practices and thank them for letting us use the land. Please respect the current closure of Hood River Mountain trail (aka Puke HIll) and respect the closure of the Whoopdee climb out when it happens. Thank you!

To Whom it May Concern:

SDS Company (lands managed by Stevenson Land Company) is planning two commercial regeneration timber harvest Units near and over private-land trails in East Hood River County. These harvests will occur in the first and second quarter of 2015 and are part of a long-term landscape forest management plan.
The first Unit is located on the north end of the Hood River Mountain Trail, immediately south of the junction of Old Dalles Road and Elder Road.

For the safety of the public and operators, this area is closed to all Public Access as of February 9, 2015. The closure extends south along Hood River Mountain from Elder Road approximately 1 mile. Both ends of the trail have been signed. This closure will last approximately 4 months, at which time public entry will reinstated.

The second Unit will be farther south along Elder Road, along parts of the northern loop of the WhoopDee trail. This closure area will be signed, and notification sent out when operations begin. April 15 is the estimated start date for the second Unit.

SDS and SLC ask that the public respect these Safety closures on Private Land. We look forward to working with the community to make these forest management operations safe, sustainable and efficient.

Ken Bales
Chief Forester, SLC

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