Whoopdee Party Breaks Through

Many hands make quick work

Many hands make quick work

Steve’s been pushing to get the new Whoopdee climb done so he can spend the summer riding and sailing like a normal Hood Riverite.  Today’s work party got him one big step closer.  A great Sunday morning turnout and ideal weather conditions made quick work of the last uncut stretch between the old climb and the new trailhead.

Another day at the office

Another day at the office

This new climbing route opened for business officially at 1PM, in time for Blossom Festival week riders to enjoy the great vistas and fields of balsam root in full bloom.

Workers this week included:  Jeff Blackman, Don Wiley, Sam Wiley, Connor Dunn, Amy Dunn, Mark Chamley, Stephen Ford, Kani Rowland, Tom Cook, JJ Olsson, Andy Olsson, Jim Mudry, Dave Veenstra, Arthur Babitz, Steve Dunn, Sadie, Cooper, Ringo and Mojo.

This new section starts about a third of the way up the old road climb on the left (south) side.  Try it soon while the balsam root and Indian paintbrush are in bloom for full effect.  Steve and friends are still working on the bottom section of the climb, which will be north of the old road.

Andy and Ringo confer on the trail route

Andy and Ringo discuss the route

This project is supported by your contributions to HRATS, which have been helping Steve by covering some of his fuel and materials costs.  If you like the new route click the “donate” badge to buy Steve some gas.

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5 Responses to Whoopdee Party Breaks Through

  1. darvido says:

    Is traffic only meant to go up? Or can this trail be ridden down the switchbacks too?

    • arthurbabitz says:

      Steve designed the trail to be ridden counter-clockwise. It’s a fast trail, so it’s not a great idea to go against the flow of traffic.

  2. Matty says:

    is the new parking area at the top of the switchbacks, or am I missing it?

    • arthurbabitz says:

      The parking area is across the road from the trail exit at the top of the final switchbacks, 1/4 mile before the trail entrance. It’s about a half mile up the road from the green gate marking the old end of the trail. Steve’s working on an official sign/ message board for the parking lot. He also plans to move the trail entrance back to the parking lot sometime this fall.

      • Matty says:

        radness. only been there once and i parked down at the corner of the road (puke point trail entrance?), then took the road for about a mile and a half or so and found the trail entrance on the left. I was wondering the same about the question above this as well. looks like today was my lucky answer day! thanks mate.

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