‘RATS in the Woods


Sun? Dry soil? New GP!

Last weekend I counted six separate trail projects in the woods.  The dry period this February/March has been a tremendous bonus for trail stewards.  The big news is that Jason was able to rebuild Middle GP, and it was riding great all week.  But also Steve was working on the Whoopdee, building a new route up and out.  Douglas completed a nice reroute on Spaghetti Factory.  Jim’s working on an 8-Track reroute which will be the subject of a major work party this spring.  Gary’s up working near Extended Play.  Kay and the CAMBA crew are continuing the work over on the Syncline.  And that’s just one week.


Mid-week mid-winter Whoopdee work

If you’re available to help with impromptu work parties, drop a note to admin@hrats.org.  We’re keeping a special distribution list which trail builders can use to grab a few extra hands when the sun pops out and they want to take advantage of it.

I’m trying to keep the map up-to-date.  I’ve posted the new Post Canyon Trail Map as of March 16, 2013.  Remember, new trails take longer to dry out after the rain.  Respect the effort that went into building them and don’t ride if your tires are reshaping the route.

To download the large version of the map you must join our mailing list, please click on the map below to subscribe and download. We will also email you when there are updates to the map.  If you are already on the list, you should have received an email with the magic direct link to the map.

If you are moved to thank me for my efforts making this map, you can make a donation to HRATS, click here.

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