Trail Work Party & New Website

Our volunteers have been working hard behind the scenes to create HRATs a brand new website.  Soon you will see fresh new content, trail updates and HRATs related news at this location.

Until then here’s a little update on our latest events:

Join Hood River Area Trail Stewards this fall to give our trails some much needed love:

· Sunday November 6th at 9:00 am at Whoopdee
· Saturday, November 12, 9:00 AM Meet at Family Man
· Saturday, November 19, 9:00 AM Meet at Whoopdee
· Saturday, December 3, 9:00 AM meet at Family Man

And the come celebrate with us at our TRAIL LOVE PARTY Thursday, December 15th, 7:00 pm @ Double Mountain Brewery.

Please note that this website is not regularly maintained as we are focusing on building the new one.  To stay up to date on events please follow us on Facebook or email us for more info.

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3/30/15 Whoopdee Trail update – please read and spread the word

If you have ridden the whoopdee lately you have seen the logging going on at the top of Old Dalles road on the original start of the whoopdee. SDS hopes to have that portion finished by the end of April.

You have also seen the flagging on the North side (new climb out) and also the south side (the original down hill) of the current whoopdee loop.

The south side harvest is not defined yet, and most likely will be logged next year.

As for the North side- SDS is building roads through middle of next week in the riding area for this operation.. They will then come back and harvest towards the end of April.

So the opened/closed Whoopdee schedule looks like this right now.
4/1- 4/3? – Closed for riding due to road building
4/4 through April (or when logging begins) Open for riding
Approx May 1st- June? Closed for riding due to logging. We are currently working with SDS for riding options during this period.

SDS is very complimentary of the mountain bikers in this area. They know we cooperate with their requests and that is why they let us use some of their land for trails like these.

Let’s continue to obey their signs and requests. Thanks for your help!

We will keep you updated as dates get more defined.

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Puke Hill and Whopdee Update from SDS Lumber

Hello everyone. We have an update from our generous friends at SDS Lumber. Why do we call them generous? Because they let us build on their land, they let us ride on their land, and they are incredibly supportive of our recreational desires. While we’re sad to see logging on two of our favorite local trails, we fully support SDS’s continuing business practices and thank them for letting us use the land. Please respect the current closure of Hood River Mountain trail (aka Puke HIll) and respect the closure of the Whoopdee climb out when it happens. Thank you!

To Whom it May Concern:

SDS Company (lands managed by Stevenson Land Company) is planning two commercial regeneration timber harvest Units near and over private-land trails in East Hood River County. These harvests will occur in the first and second quarter of 2015 and are part of a long-term landscape forest management plan.
The first Unit is located on the north end of the Hood River Mountain Trail, immediately south of the junction of Old Dalles Road and Elder Road.

For the safety of the public and operators, this area is closed to all Public Access as of February 9, 2015. The closure extends south along Hood River Mountain from Elder Road approximately 1 mile. Both ends of the trail have been signed. This closure will last approximately 4 months, at which time public entry will reinstated.

The second Unit will be farther south along Elder Road, along parts of the northern loop of the WhoopDee trail. This closure area will be signed, and notification sent out when operations begin. April 15 is the estimated start date for the second Unit.

SDS and SLC ask that the public respect these Safety closures on Private Land. We look forward to working with the community to make these forest management operations safe, sustainable and efficient.

Ken Bales
Chief Forester, SLC

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As you can see by the thermometer to the right, our Kleeway fundraising has exceeded our target! Rest assured every penny will be spent on creating the most amazeballs(tm) trail experience in Post Canyon. Project manager Ben Ketler and trail sculptor Jason Wells are hard at work turning your contributions into prime single track. There will be many chances for you to help out, such as this community work party:

When:  10am Saturday Nov 22
Where: Family ManMapshot with Kleeyway on it
Bring:   Good work gloves, Wheel barrows, loppers, trail digging tools, and rain gear if its raining.


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A Sad Day in the Hood. Rest in Peace, President Matt Klee.

We here in Hood River are so sad. The president of HRATS, our beloved Matt Klee, passed away in a mountain biking crash at Whistler on 5/30/2014. A memorial service will be held at the Gorge Room at the Hood River Inn at 5pm on 6/7/2014. The family has asked that donations be made to HRATS in lieu of flowers. Thank you for your support, kind words, and patience while we grieve Matt’s death.


Words can’t convey how awesome Matt was. He was kind. Caring. Thoughtful. Funny. Passionate, Driven. A good listener. Level-headed. He had ideas, and he executed them. At our meetings, he listened to our always passionate, sometimes unruly board members share their ideas, and he kept them focused on the task at hand. He stayed calm. He kept the meetings on track. He was the force keeping HRATS moving forward, and he did it by being the kindest, most level-headed, sweetest, most genuine and driven person to ever work in mountain bike advocacy.

You can see Matt’s work on the features in Family Man and in the new set of training jumps just below Family Man. Matt didn’t build those for himself. He built them so his wife and everyone else would have a safe place to learn to jump. You’ll find Matt’s spirit in Lolipop Lane, the kids’ loop in Family Man. Matt and Jen didn’t have kids, but Matt gave countless hours to build a trail so your little ones would have a safe place to ride. That’s the kind of guy he was. Incredibly giving. Always moving forward on another project that would make our trails better for everyone, not just for him. We miss him terribly. He is irreplaceable. There is nobody else like him.

Matt was riding at Whistler on 5/30/2014, having the time of his life, when he crashed. His last Facebook post conveys his happiness: “Whistler Bike Park update = amazeballs. Perfect dirt, no one here, and the trails are early season buffness. #winning.” We could say we’re glad he left us while riding. But there’s no relief in saying that. Matt should have ridden bikes for decades longer. We’re devastated, heartbroken, baffled and sad. And we’re doubly sad because Matt’s wife, Jen Klee, is our new treasurer, elected just weeks ago. Our souls ache for her.

There are no words that can lift the pain from the hearts of the HRATS, Hood River’s biking community and the Klee Family. But your stories and photos can bring some smiles. You can share a note or a story with Matt’s family at Anderson’s Tribute Center. You can also share photos via Dropbox. The Dropbox space is limited, so please keep it to your 3 or 4 best Matt Klee photos.

HRATS will continue, and yes, we’ll be naming a trail after Matt. Oh, yes we will. It’ll take a bit of time, but you’re going to love it. The Kleeway. Stay tuned for details on that and other things we’ll do to memorialize this just-plain-awesome guy. Thank you for your support of HRATS and the Klee Family in these tough times.

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Whoopdee Party Breaks Through

Many hands make quick work

Many hands make quick work

Steve’s been pushing to get the new Whoopdee climb done so he can spend the summer riding and sailing like a normal Hood Riverite.  Today’s work party got him one big step closer.  A great Sunday morning turnout and ideal weather conditions made quick work of the last uncut stretch between the old climb and the new trailhead.

Another day at the office

Another day at the office

This new climbing route opened for business officially at 1PM, in time for Blossom Festival week riders to enjoy the great vistas and fields of balsam root in full bloom.

Workers this week included:  Jeff Blackman, Don Wiley, Sam Wiley, Connor Dunn, Amy Dunn, Mark Chamley, Stephen Ford, Kani Rowland, Tom Cook, JJ Olsson, Andy Olsson, Jim Mudry, Dave Veenstra, Arthur Babitz, Steve Dunn, Sadie, Cooper, Ringo and Mojo.

This new section starts about a third of the way up the old road climb on the left (south) side.  Try it soon while the balsam root and Indian paintbrush are in bloom for full effect.  Steve and friends are still working on the bottom section of the climb, which will be north of the old road.

Andy and Ringo confer on the trail route

Andy and Ringo discuss the route

This project is supported by your contributions to HRATS, which have been helping Steve by covering some of his fuel and materials costs.  If you like the new route click the “donate” badge to buy Steve some gas.

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‘RATS in the Woods


Sun? Dry soil? New GP!

Last weekend I counted six separate trail projects in the woods.  The dry period this February/March has been a tremendous bonus for trail stewards.  The big news is that Jason was able to rebuild Middle GP, and it was riding great all week.  But also Steve was working on the Whoopdee, building a new route up and out.  Douglas completed a nice reroute on Spaghetti Factory.  Jim’s working on an 8-Track reroute which will be the subject of a major work party this spring.  Gary’s up working near Extended Play.  Kay and the CAMBA crew are continuing the work over on the Syncline.  And that’s just one week.


Mid-week mid-winter Whoopdee work

If you’re available to help with impromptu work parties, drop a note to  We’re keeping a special distribution list which trail builders can use to grab a few extra hands when the sun pops out and they want to take advantage of it.

I’m trying to keep the map up-to-date.  I’ve posted the new Post Canyon Trail Map as of March 16, 2013.  Remember, new trails take longer to dry out after the rain.  Respect the effort that went into building them and don’t ride if your tires are reshaping the route.

To download the large version of the map you must join our mailing list, please click on the map below to subscribe and download. We will also email you when there are updates to the map.  If you are already on the list, you should have received an email with the magic direct link to the map.

If you are moved to thank me for my efforts making this map, you can make a donation to HRATS, click here.

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